About Us

About Us

Carolina Star Farms

We are Peter and Sonya. We began our adventure in 2015 in Texas where we formed Carolinastar Farms. In 2017, we sold our Ranch and cattle and moved to North Carolina to be closer to our families. We are committed to farm life and bought land in Southern Rowan County. We immediately began transforming it into our farm. We built a home, put up fencing and started adding animals quickly. We are now home to horses, donkeys, goats, Longhorn cattle and our Black Angus herd. Our work is not done developing paradise but we have a passion for producing high quality clean and healthy meat for our community. Our standards are high, as they should be. Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our farm. We are truly blessed living out our dreams. We invite you to follow us as we continue our adventures.

How We Manage Our Cattle

At Carolinastar farms we believe in providing the best quality beef to our community.

We take pride in our Black Angus herd led by our Registered Black Angus Bull. All of our calves are bred, born and raised by us on our farm. We know our animals.

Our calves are raised on their mothers milk and natural grass until weaned. Our cattle roam and graze freely as they naturally do. Every decision we make is targeted to make our herd as happy and healthy as possible.

Some Facts About Our Process

  • Our livestock graze our pastures of fescue and native grasses. We overseed with winter grass and supplement with hay.
  • To ensure all of our livestock’s nutritional needs are met we provide salt, minerals and natural grains
  • No hormones or steroids are used on our farm
  • Antibiotics are only used when required. That animal is then pulled from the program
  • Our meat does not contain any type of additives or preservatives. It is dry aged 14-21 days, vacuum packed and frozen.
  • Our beef is harvested at a USDA inspected facility and we are certified as NC meat handlers
  • All of our animals are treated with Love and Respect